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Garage Plans and More offers the best garage plans, garage apartments, shed plans, barns, pole building designs and other do-it-yourself projects available from designers and architects across North America. With easy search options and hundreds of garage designs and shed plans to choose from, Garage Plans and More provides you with all the best plans, all in one place, so the search for the perfect garage blueprint or backyard storage shed will be easy.

garage plan packages

Below are the various types of blueprint packages available on Garage Plans and More. To get started, order the type of plans that fit your particular situation.
Note: Please check specific plan details on our website for plan package availability.


We offer a 1-set plan package, which can be ideal for smaller projects. Keep in mind, however, many municipalities, or local building departments often require a blueprint set of their own before a project is started. A 1-set blueprint package is typically enough for one person, but often more blueprints sets are needed for all those involved in the building project, allowing the construction of your project to run smoother.


If you’re ready to start the construction process, the 5-set package is the recommended number of blueprint sets you will need to keep your project running smoothly. This number of sets allows multiple subcontractors and tradespeople to have their own, and if the local building department, or lender needs a set, this amount of blueprints includes enough copies for everyone.


For best results in terms of cost, scheduling, and quality of construction, we recommend you order eight (or more) sets of blueprints. Besides one set for you, your mortgage lender, local building department, and general contractor. All subcontractors working on the foundation, electrical, and other parts of your building project will require a set of their own.


If you wish to make some minor design changes to your project, you’ll want to order reproducible masters. These drawings contain the same information as the blueprints but are printed on reproducible paper that is easy to alter and clearly indicates your right to copy or reproduce. This will allow you, your builder, or a local design professional to make the necessary drawing changes without the major expense of redrawing the plans. This package also allows you to print copies of the modified plans as needed. The right of building only one structure from these plans is licensed exclusively to the buyer. You may not use this design to build a second, or multiple structures without purchasing another blueprint. Each violation of the Copyright Law is punishable in a fine. Note: Please note that reproducible masters can only be exchanged if the package is unopened. CAD and PDF files are not returnable and non-refundable.


A PDF file format is a complete set of construction drawings in an electronic format that allows you to resize and reproduce the plans to fit your needs. Since these are electronic files, we can send them to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri, 7:30-4:30 CST) via email and save you shipping costs. They also offer printing flexibility by allowing you to print the size and number of sets you need. Note: These are not CAD files and cannot be altered electronically. PDF files are not returnable and non-refundable.


A CAD package is a complete set of construction drawings in an electronic file format. They are especially beneficial if you have a significant amount of changes to make to the garage plan, or apartment garage you have selected, or if you need to make the plan you purchased comply with your local codes. If you purchase a CAD Package, you have the option to take the plan to a local design professional that uses AutoCAD or DataCAD and they can modify the design much easier and quicker than with a paper-based drawing, which will help save you time and money. Just like our reproducible masters, with a CAD package you will receive a one-time build copyright release that allows you to make changes and the necessary copies needed to build your garage. Note: CAD files are not returnable and non-refundable.


Since plan packages are printed in response to your order, we cannot honor requests for refunds. However, if for some reason you find that the plan you have purchased does not meet your requirements, you may exchange that plan for another plan in our collection within 90 days of purchase. At the time of the exchange, you will be charged a processing fee of 25% of the original package price, any applicable difference in plan package prices, and the cost to ship the new plans to you.